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Wednesday 26 June 2024
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Exhibition Applications


Umbrella invites applications from established, mid-career and emerging contemporary visual artists and curators seeking to present new and original work in a professional gallery environment. There are roughly three sizes of exhibition spaces for applications: a large space, a medium space, and small spaces including The Vault. Different terms and conditions apply for the use of each space. More information can be found in the exhibitions floorplans document below, which includes the floor-to-ceiling wall in the back of the space, sponsored by Hurst Construction in 2022. Applicants can otherwise get a feel for the ground level (prior to the new wall) by viewing previous exhibitions here. Please read all of the below information, deadlines and the associated documents before applying.

Application Assessment

Exhibition applications are usually assessed twice a year by Umbrella's Exhibition Selection Advisory Panel, however applications are accepted at any time. When assessing applications, the panel primarily considers: the conceptual and aesthetic innovation and professional gallery standard of the proposed exhibitions; whether the artworks will extend visitors knowledge and appreciation of contemporary visual arts; and public program opportunities. Umbrella's program is guided by four pillars: excellence, innovation, critical engagement and community. The panel also embraces equity and diversity, with a preference for accepting proposals from artists who have not exhibited at Umbrella within the previous two years. The panel may rate applications lower if: the exhibition is significantly motivated by commercial interests / outcomes or the exhibition is very similar to previous work (or the same work) exhibited either in Umbrella or elsewhere locally. Applications will also be assessed according to whether Umbrella is deemed the most suitable local or regional venue for the work. 

Successful applicants receive an exhibition agreement letter detailing their exhibition arrangements and a consignment agreement for the works they will exhibit. Template forms of these (and associated documents) are provided below for reference. Applicants and exhibitors must refer to and adhere to the guidelines within these documents and the policies listed on this page.  

Application Deadlines

Umbrella strongly encourages proposals from emerging artists, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and linguistically diverse and differently-abled artists.  Should you require support or an alternate proposal method to meet your needs please contact us. If you are a non-Indigenous artist and your proposed artworks for exhibition containing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander subject matter you will need to explain your process for obtaining permission to use Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property.  Excellent resources to support you in this can be found here.
- Applications are accepted at any time, however the next assessment panel will meet late 2024. To have your application assessed in this round, ensure you submit by midnight Sunday 6 October 2024. Applications received after this date will be assessed in the following round (early-mid 2025). 
- Applications will predominantly be considered for 2026 onwards, however some projects may also be considered for earlier slots. 

Artist Fee & Commission Policies
- Umbrella will pay exhibition fees to artists who are successful through this application process, and applicable artist fees will be outlined in agreements with artists. We also aspire to implement the artist fee recommendations outlined by the National Association of Visual Arts (NAVA). We acknowledge the many payment tiers and provisions within their recommendations. When allocating artist fees, the exhibition committee therefore considers several elements of the proposals including the career level of the artist/s, the scale of the exhibition and whether the exhibited works are new and / or will be for sale.
- For group exhibitions, any artist fee payable will be paid to a group representative, who must split the payment equally with the remaining artist/s. 
- Umbrella takes a 40% commission on exhibition sales. Please see reference agreement templates below for further details.

Membership Policies
- Individual applicants must be members to apply and also to exhibit.  To become a member, click here.
- For group exhibitions when applicants are applying independently from an organisation, all exhibitors must be Umbrella members at the time of the exhibition. At the time of application, the group representative must be an Umbrella member.
- For group exhibitions when applicants are representing an organisation, the organisation must be an Umbrella Organisational Member ($250 per year) at the time of application and of the exhibition. Please contact [email protected] to organise payment for this fee.
- For group exhibitions when applicants are representing a Not For Profit organisation or organisation in partnership with Umbrella, lesser fees may be payable. If applicable, please contact [email protected] to discuss.

Other tips
- Firstly, ensure you draft your application in a Word Document. This will ensure that you have it as a back up if your computer or technology with the online form glitches.
- Ensure all fields of the form marked with * are completed - these are mandatory fields and your application will not submit without them. 
- Proofread your application and get a colleague or friend to read through it. Does it make sense to them?
- Include high quality photographs of your artworks. Consider hiring a professional photographer. Even if you are not successful in your application, you will have these photos to use and promote your artwork.
- One-on-one consultations can also be booked with Umbrella's Director or Gallery Manager depending on their availability. These can help artists to hone and improve their applications prior to submitting. Umbrella members: 30mins for $30 or 1hr for $60 // Non-members 30mins for $40 or 1hr for $80. To become a member, click here.

Apply Now

Ensure you draft your application in a Word Document. This will ensure that you have it as a back up if your computer or technology with the online form glitches.

Applicant / Exhibitor Details

Primary exhibitor (the contact for the application) legal name
Primary exhibitor (the contact for the application) legal name
If applicable, please list an artist name if different to the listed legal name of the applicant above. If applying on behalf of a group, please list a group name if applicable.
If applicable, please list any additional artists involved for this exhibition (and list whether they are confirmed or tentative)
Primary exhibitor
Primary exhibitor - mobile phone number preferred. Please list any additional numbers separated by a comma (if applicable)
Primary exhibitor
Primary exhibitor
Primary exhibitor
Primary exhibitor
Primary exhibitor
Primary exhibitor
Only applicable if you have an ABN
Please refer to the membership policies listed.
List any that apply
Please list a statement describing your (or your group's collective or individual) arts practice/s. (100-300 words for individual artist, or a 300-600 word summary for collectives)
Please write a brief summary of your (or your group's) professional arts career/s including biographical details. You can include an overview of your qualifications, achievements and details about where you were born and where you are based. (100-300 words for individual artist, or a 300-600 word summary for collectives) | BELOW: Please attach your artist CV as a PDF file, including a comprehensive list of your exhibition history, qualifications and arts achievements. For group exhibitions, please include 1 PDF file which includes CVs for all artists.

Artist CV * Upload File

Share any website links for visual material examples, separated by commas (e.g. artist website, video channels, social media pages like Facebook or Instagram)
Exhibition Details

Please list in brackets if this is (tentative) or (confirmed)
Please list a summary describing your exhibition (1-3 sentences). TIP: Write this after writing your extended exhibition statement, then distil and condense the main points here.
Please list three proposed dates or date periods for your exhibition in order of preference (ie. 1. Late 2023, 2. January 2023, 3. March 2024 etc). Exhibition periods are generally around 6 weeks.
Please add any notes about your proposed dates if applicable.
Please describe your proposed exhibition in full detail (250-800 words). TIP: Include information about the quantity, medium and styles of works you anticipate including, and the concept/s underlying the works and the exhibition.
Please include full details about your planned exhibition design (50-200 words). TIP: Include how you anticipate the exhibition looking, whether a specific gallery space / area is important to the design and how you plan to layout the works - e.g. whether the works will be hung on the walls in a straight line or groupings or a salon hang, or if sculptures will be free-standing or on plinths or on shelves. Please include materials or requirements that you anticipate Umbrella providing (e.g. plinths, special lighting). If you wish to mark-up / draw this onto the floorplan, please upload it as a file below.

Gallery space Upload File

Image Uploads

Please upload 5-10 images. Please include in the filename the artist name, artwork title, year of creation, medium, dimensions, and whether the artwork is INDICATIVE or a SKETCH or the type of work proposed, a WIP (work-in-progress) or an ACTUAL work proposed for inclusion. If these details do not fit in the file name, please attach an accompanying document with full details.

Image 1 * Upload File

Image 2 * Upload File

Image 3 * Upload File

Image 4 * Upload File

Image 5 * Upload File

Image 6 if applicable Upload File

Image 7 if applicable Upload File

Image 8 if applicable Upload File

Image 9 if applicable Upload File

Image 10 if applicable Upload File

If applicable, please outline any associated public programs that you anticipate running in conjunction with this exhibition: e.g. artist floortalk, panel discussion, workshop, demonstration. Please provide anticipated details about time-lengths, style, etc.
Are you utilising Cultural and Intellectual Property that is not your own? This should be considered and explained here if applicable. Umbrella is committed to fair and ethical dealings with artists, including acting in good conscience when exhibiting, promoting or otherwise working with Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) in the arts. This commitment extends to upholding industry protocols; including those listed here; and similarly supporting the integrity of art forms from other cultures. This aims to prevent alteration, distortion or misuse of traditional symbols, songs, dances, performances and story that may be part of the heritage of particular groups without permission. The artist must similarly be committed to upholding this level of integrity and agree to adhere to the listed protocols if applicable. Non-Indigenous artists proposing artworks for development which contain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander subject matter, or Indigenous artists proposing artworks for development which contain subject matter from a Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander group other than their own, should explain their methodology for obtaining permission to use ICIP. Similarly, artists should explain their methodology for obtaining permission to use any other cultural and intellectual property than their own if applicable.
I (and on behalf of myself and any other exhibitors) agree to adhere to the full terms and conditions listed on this page and in the associated exhibition documents.
COVID Safe Visits

Umbrella asks that visitors adhere to social distancing, visitor logs, and other COVID Safe directives and procedures as directed.

More COVID Information

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Acknowledgement of Country

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts respectfully acknowledges the Wulgurukaba of Gurambilbarra and Yunbenun and the surrounding groups of our region - Bindal, Gugu Badhan, Nywaigi, Warrgamay, Bandjin and Gudjal - as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we gather, share and celebrate local creative practice. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first people of Australia. They have never ceded sovereignty and remain strong in their enduring connection to land and Culture.

Umbrella is a Dealer Member of the Indigenous Art Code. This means we are committed to fair and ethical trade with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, and transparency in the promotion and sale of artwork. As a Dealer Member and signatory to the Code we must act fairly, honestly, professionally and in good conscience in all direct or indirect dealings with artists.


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