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Botanica – Techno
Wulgurukaba & Bindal Country (Townsville)

Botanica – Techno

Diffraction Collective

'Diffraction Collective would like to introduce you to Botanica-Techno, a new immersive installation in the Perfume Gardens, Townsville.'

Diffraction Collective artists have collaborated to create a multi-media installation, a  3D hybrid, fantastical creature Botanica Techno. Botanica refers to botany, biology, and biotechnology. Techno denotes the technical expertise and technology used to enhance this site-specific artwork. Botanica Techno’s visual design elements refer to the fungi, fauna, and flora of the NQ environment, the Perfume Gardens, and the surrounding architectural design elements. The creature extends through the site of the Perfume Gardens complemented by a day/night soundscape, and visually exciting mapping for a truly immersive, visual experience.

Botanica Techno team: Jeanette Hutchinson: Concept, soundscape, visual design, and construction, Shane Troubles: Project management, visual design, and construction, Evan Morice: Soundscape design, composition, and production, Mark Roth: Mapping and visual design production, Gavin Rosetti: Tech design and production assistance. Additional Production assistance: Arthur Keen, Ryan Noy, Marjolijn Hendricks, and Amy Bishop.

About the Artist

Diffraction Collective create unique arts events, bringing together the creative community from North Queensland, Australia, and the world, to create a fresh mix of sound and visual art.

The Collective facilitates mixed platform arts collaboration involving musical and visual artists. They aspire to create artistic spaces in and around North Queensland, providing a platform to showcase regional artists, with a focus on connecting emerging artists with industry professionals.

Diffraction Collective aim to inspire and educate, introducing the public to new technology, through sharing innovative skills and resources. The Collective’s modus operandi culminates through collaboration with artists, and organisations to explore the use of technology in contemporary art and design.

Event Information

Free Event Wheel Chair Accessible Free Parking Site-Specific
Location Details

Featured in the Perfume Gardens, on the corner of Walker Street and Stokes Street.

Venue Accessibility

You will be able to view this installation in the Perfume Gardens. This is accessible from the street, with wheelchair ramp and stairs. There are park benches, seating areas, and grass to sit and observe should you wish.

This venue’s conditions include:

  • Nearby accessible parking.
  • Nearby accessible public transport (bus stations).
  • Accessible third-party scooter options throughout CBD city centre (for travel).
  • Nearby street drop-off points.
  • Wheelchair accessibility.
  • An accessible entrance (both ramp and stairs) and no obstructions to the path upon entering.
  • Signage indicating it is a PUNQ program.
  • Venue is close to accessible public bathroom facilities that offer wider doors, adequate floor space to move around in the bathroom, and fixtures designed for comfort including hand railings and low-effort tap handles (in Flinders Square).
  • Quiet spaces available for participants, this location will have ambient or no music playing.
  • There are nearby animal rest facilities (in Flinders Square).
  • Venues have been strategically designed for clear pathways throughout with a focus on minimising clutter.
  • If participating in workshops, interactions, or artist talks at a pop up there will be an array of seating options provided.

This is a free and on-going event during the festival.

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COVID Safe Visits

PUNQ asks that visitors adhere to social distancing, visitor logs, and other COVID Safe directives and procedures as directed.

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Acknowlegement of Country

PUNQ respectfully acknowledges the Wulgurukaba of Gurambilbarra and Yunbenun and the surrounding groups of our region; Bindal, Gugu Badhan, Nywaigi, Warrgamay, Bandjin and Gudjal as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we gather, share and celebrate local creative practice. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first people of Australia. They have never ceded sovereignty and remain strong in their enduring connection to land and Culture.

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