Whimsical Wonderland

Whimsical Wonderland will see an interactive, multi-media, playful, creative “drop in” space of making, skills exchange and creative collaboration. In conjunction with  projected animations, recycled objects and materials will be used create and build a  fantastical garden complete with curious creatures, strange hybrid life forms, and playful wearable costumery, where the viewer can become a part of the installation. The aim is to have the gardenscape installation grow across the week, taking in contributions from the public and other artists, becoming an evolving art piece.

Workshops and skill sharing will be ongoing throughout most of the festival, with a focus on creative exploration and play in the making of fantastical plant, creatures, hybrid forms and wearable pieces responding to the recycled materials sourced.


Workshop Bookings:

PUNQ | “Pom Pom’s & Pinot” Workshop with Whimsical Wonderland’s Karen & Kirsten