Ukestra – Anu Grace

Bulletin Square, Flinders Street Townsville City

The Pop-Up UKESTRA– contemporary music making for people in our Bulletin Square – a Ukulele Orchestra for those who just want to have fun, play and sing.

The Ukestra pop-ups will be held on the following days from 12.30 to 1.30pm in Bulletin Square.
Friday 28 July
Tuesday 1 August
Friday 4 August

Sunday 6 August ( Cotters Market 11.30 am)

Meet at 12.25pm in the Bulletin Square, Flinders St for each Ukestra rehearsal (come earlier if you need help with strings or tuning.) Beginners welcome!

The Pop-Up Ukestra hopes to engage all the people in Townsville who have a ukulele or would like to try one out, to come together in Bulletin Square to learn parts to 2-3 songs over 3 lunchtimes rehearsals for the final performance on Sunday 6 August.

The Pop-Up Ukestra is not just a whole bunch of ukuleles bashing away, rather a conducted community music experience resulting in an entertaining group performance. The secret is in the arrangement of music into skill parts and having a conductor who leaves no doubt when you should be playing! It’s all about knowing your specific part to play and working together as a group to collectively produce fun, tuneful music. The Pop-up UKESTRA caters to all skill levels from Basic’s to the Aces.

To secure your spot BUY  TICKETS HERE for $15