Sonia Ward

21 Stokes Street

Sonia has an Advanced Diploma in visual arts and is currently in her 2nd year of a Bachelor degree. The artist held a collaborative exhibition in the stairwell of Umbrella which resulted in the purchase of a collection of masks made from paper pulp and computer parts. The masks are part of the Central Queensland University collection. Tafe North has a set of her aluminium jumping jack puppets as part of their collection.

Although she has won awards with the Townsville Art Society for drawing her passion is working with recycled media to make 3d forms. Sonia enjoys the playful experimental process that recycled media brings allowing the artist to make fun pieces to engage the audience. In 2016 she held a solo exhibition in the vault space and one in Your Space at the Thuringowa library. Both exhibitions featured wall hung puppets made from recycled media many of which sold to private buyers.

Recently, working with cardboard Sonia comments on the loss of creative play in an environment of mass toy production and consumerism. Her work for PUNQ is a reminder that children would rather play with the cardboard box than the toy inside.

Puppets horses made from cardboard rolls and recycled media will hang alongside standing pieces wearable horse heads and masks. A horse will be assembled on site to allow visitors to witness its transformation into a playful piece with recycled toys and colourful decorations. Her pop up Just Horsing Around is a reminder of the importance of creative play and the current movement towards sustainability