Rosie Deacon

280 Flinders Street (Northtown)


Rosie Deacon is an artist working in sculpture and installation whose work engages with the spectacle of obsession. In 2010, Deacon graduated from UNSW COFA with first class honours. She was the recipient of both the gallery Barry Keldoulis grant for emerging artists and the dinosaur designs prize. Since then she has held solo exhibitions at Gaffa Gallery and 107 Projects, Redfern and been included in several group shows at various artist run initiatives in Sydney.

Rosie Deacon’s practice is an exploration of states of humanity, feelings of belonging, and realms of the absurd. Her works resemble large-scale, fictional geographies, inhabited solely by hand-made animal sculptures.

For Deacon, animals represent the duality of freedom and control. In an increasingly developed world, where interactions between humankind and nature are strictly mediated and controlled, she intends to explore our understanding and relationship with ‘wild’ and domesticated animals.

Deacon’s work is produced through an intuitive combination of a variety of processes related to aspects of kitsch, craft and folk-art practices, including a diverse and unabashed assortment of natural and manufactured materials.

Through sculptural installation, deacon’s often grotesque re-creations intend to illustrate the various spectrum’s and extremities of creativity and obsession and to highlight and exaggerate the natural symbioses that exist between humans and animals.