Gabriel Smith

Hoi Polloi Gallery Lane, Flinders Street East

Celebrate our Wild Places
These artworks are a celebration of the incredible beauty of the wild places found throughout Queensland. We are incredibly lucky to live in a state that has such amazing places from the red earth of the west to the lush forest of the north and plenty in-between.

Gabriel Smith works across a variety of art media but specialises mostly in printmaking, painting and drawing which she tries to combine whenever possible. Her artwork is inspired by the land around us especially the natural areas and she is interested in the differing feelings people have towards these places or environments and how their ‘Sense of Place’ is formed.

Gabriel integrates a personal approach into the traditional process of map making in order to map the overall experience of a place. Her mixed media works juxtapose prints, drawings, paintings and digital imagery to create a multi layered and multi paneled panoramic view of the landscape. They are often not bound or framed, are irregular in form and their edges integrate into the surrounding space. There is a diverse range of size and format from small artist’s books to large scale panoramas.