Townsville Classic Films

Multiple Locations

Townsville Classic Films is a Townsville based incorporated community group bringing great films back to the big screen.

Townsville Classic Films began in 2013 after Mark Enders lamented the fact that screenings of older films were non-existent in Townsville. Knowing what a brilliant back catalogue of great films there is, Mark wanted to share them with people who either hadn’t seen them or hadn’t seen them on the big screen.

Initially, Townsville Classic Films held screenings exclusively at the School of Arts with the intention of screening films at least 30 years old, and with the aim of encouraging people to develop feelings, ideas and interpretations about the films they watched, and to engage in discussion about those films.

In 2014, Townsville Classic Films started to bring film identities to the city and since welcomed Australian independent director Paul Cox, David Stratton, Editor and Producer Anthony Buckley, Distributor and documentary filmmaker Andrew Pike, and Bruce Beresford.

In 2016, Townsville Classic Films started exploring alternate screening locations and have screened at a number of cafes such as Cafe Nova, The Hoi Polloi, and The Cat’s Meow, as well as at the back of Now Office Furniture. The Hoi Polloi screenings were open air screenings in Denham Lane which brought a new dimension to the film watching experience.

Townsville Classic Films plan to keep giving audiences new and interesting cinema experiences… even if that is through the frame of watching old films.

As part of the festival program, four classic films will be screened on Friday and Saturday nights. These include: Cool Hand Luke, This Sporting Life, Mon Oncle and Niagara.

Watch this space for screening locations!


Cool Hand Luke
Cool Hand Luke is a deeply engaging drama that makes you smile and cry in almost equal amounts. This was Paul Newman’s favourite film and tells the story of the character he plays, Luke, a lovable knockabout guy who seems to constantly find himself on the wrong side of the law and of authority, but a man of incredible character and resilience who works to remain authentic even if it kills him.



This Sporting Life
This Sporting Life is a powerful social-realist drama from the British New Wave. Richard Harris stars as an eager young Rugby League player trying to succeed in the game and to succeed in life. But he runs into repeated hurdles on and off the field. Rugby League in the 1960’s was a tough game played by very tough men, but as hard as the game was, life was even tougher.



Mon Oncle
Mon Oncle is a quirky and enchanting comedy that was a breakout film for Jacques Tati. This is the film that made Tati an international star and drew comparisons between him and Chaplin. While this is a foreign language film, there is very little dialogue, with lots of visual comedy, and the most appealing sets and scenes. This was Tati’s first colour film and the look of the film, as well as the way the story is told, make it a work of art.



Niagara is a fantastic film noir/ thriller featuring Marilyn Monroe just before she became a mega-star. Two couples share cabins next to each other at Niagara Falls… one couple is happy and newly married, the other is deeply troubled, with Marilyn, in particular, looking for serious trouble.